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Nearby is a new Windows Phone 7 app that lets you easily find the nearby locations you enjoy.  Using Nearby you can search for coffee shops, gas stations, and other places close to your location. Nearby automatically uses your location to sort your search results by distance showing you the closest locations first.

Nearby uses multiple sources such as Yelp, Yahoo, and CityGrid to find local results close to your location. The app also shows ratings for places and provides step-by-step directions. The Nearby app automatically loads the places close to your location. No need to search for anything.

location details screenshot

In addition, the Nearby app allows you to view the business pages directly from sources right within the app. For example, with a single button click you can load the page for a business on Yelp to see user reviews and other information.

For example, in the screenshot on the left, you can navigate from within the app to the Citysearch page for The Melting Pot by simply clicking on “More from Citysearch” button. As you can see Nearby shows phone, address, rating, distance and the categories the business belongs in all in the Details page.

share place info

You’re also able to call the business, save it to your contacts or add it to your favorite list in Nearby right from the bar menu.

This bar makes easy to text or email the place contact information to a friend.

place categories

Nearby allows you to search for places either by category or by any combination of keywords. The app shows the closest results to your location like shown on the right.
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